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And for what it's worth, Ladies: Your page has helped me a lot, and I decided to send you my photo so it could help other women. My breasts appeared first when I was 10, I was chubby then, and they have had stretch marks and been saggy ever since. I've never really looked at my breasts before and now I've taken pictures!! Will usually post within 1 business day of receiving cleared payment - opens in a new window or tab.

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Sheer Sexy See-Through Mesh Bikinis and One-Pieces.
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I've always been on the overweight side but my breasts have always been small and that has made me very self-conscious.

Your page has helped me a lot, and I decided to send you my photo so it could help other women. In reality I stumbled upon your site looking for breast augmentation methods, and all that I found was breasts of models, which made me feel worse. When I saw your page and the photos, I noticed what was the reality and I started to realize that I was within normal range.

I have consulted with my doctor about the difference in size and she says they may eventually begin to grow evenly. I always sleep with some type of bra. I feel really good about them and haven't had any complaints ".

The stretch marks and the small shape have always been talked about since majority of my friends are C cups. I have come to love my breast in every way. I was trying to search for a place where I could buy a bra that would fit me, and your site came up and reminded me that I don't need a bra!

I am 31, never been pregnant. When I was a kid I looked forward to having large breasts someday, until my mother had breast implants and I realized how weird it was to focus so much on breast size. Mine ended up very small, I can't even find a bra to fit me except sports bras. And I didn't even notice they were uneven until I saw the photo that I took.

I am very happy with having small breasts, I have heard a lot of complaints from my large-busted friends about men staring at them all the time. I never have that problem!!! I think in the past I have worn a B bra but those seem too big for me now, my breasts were slightly larger for a while when I took birth control pills.

I have stretch marks on my breasts, and I think that they are a little bit saggy, and I think that I have a big areolas and nipples, and I don't like it. After years of feeling not like a "real woman" due to their size, I'm now on my way to accept them as they are.

Thanks to this site I also realized that their asymmetry isn't as uncommon as I thought. I have have never lost any signficant weight, just steady gain since about the age of Though I wear a 38 C bra, my breasts are very small for my body.

My breasts are asymetrical right breast is much larger than the left , hairy I have PCOS , my nipples point in different directions, my areolas are huge, I have a lot of space in between my breasts and I have stretch marks.

I have always been extremely self conscious of of my breasts and have been seriously considering a breast lift and augmentation. I am glad that I happened upon your website during my research and I greatly appreciate the consciousness you are creating.

It is very important for women of all ages to understand and see normal breasts instead of the "perfect" and perky images often fake that we are bombarded with on a daily basis. I'm 38 years old and have never been pregnant. I'm 5'-4", pounds, which is technically obese. However, my breasts are small. I wear a 40B bra. I've been in the same 30 pound weight range since I reached my adult height, and I stay active, but I never diet.

As you can see, my breasts aren't particularly saggy or stretched out. I've got curvy body with a defined waist, but I've always been a little self conscious about my small breasts. I wear a lot of padded bras, but I'd never consider surgery. I'm into size acceptance, and that includes my small breasts as well as my big butt.

My mother never taught me how to properly wear a bra, so for a few awkward years I was wearing all the wrong bras two sizes too small with an underwire, if you can imagine, and they gave my boobs quite a cruel sag and I believe the material irritated the nipple. These days I'd rather not wear a bra at all, but the nipples are cross-eyed and down-gazing. I think its safe to say that most men don't much care it would be against their nature , but when I'm down, my breasts are always a fine target for blaming my troubles on.

Easy to operate under the assumption that I'm the only one on earth who's dissatisfied with my breasts and body. Not even sure how I'd prefer them to be -- if I had small breasts I'd probably wish them to be big. Always want what you don't have. Thanks for your website. My breasts appeared first when I was 10, I was chubby then, and they have had stretch marks and been saggy ever since. I have always been very self-conscious about my breasts.

As I get older I am learning to accept them, but I still wish they weren't as saggy. I wear a 36C, and my breasts fluctuate a lot depending on my weight, my period, etc. I have spent a long time standing in the mirror wishing that my body looked different, I am pledging to spend at least that much time being thankful for the body I have. I've never really looked at my breasts before and now I've taken pictures!!

I never realised one drooped more. I'm 35, never pregnant and not taking any medication, I'm Irish, wear a 34D and weight wise I have a bmi of 25 but would always be considered big. Hopefully after this I'll take a better appreciation of my breasts and will be less self concious.

I'm average build and size, 5ft 6" and a size 10 - My breasts have always been asymmetrical. It started out very unnoticable when I was 14, then it gradually got worse. It gets me down alot. I should be out, having fun and clubbing, wearing skimpy tops but instead I need to find bras that I can stuff with padding to make them appear more even without it beign too noticable.

I have a boyfriend of four months who I have plainly refused to let him see them. No matter how much he says he loves me I doubt I will ever feel comfortable enough to show them to him, which is shocking as I'm young and should feel proud of what I have. I'm going to university soon, so I hope that perhaps aids my confidence. All of my friends seem to have these perfect breasts and I'm just the odd one out. It's a terrible feeling. When I'm older I may well consider plastic surgery as an option but right now I can't afford it.

Strapless dresses and unpadded, non-underwired bikini tops are out of the question. If I had even breasts, I would definitely wear both of those. This site has been inspirational to me though and I feel that by looking at all of these healthy women, I'll be able to learn something and perhaps begin to accept my body as it is.

I've always been a normal weight, more on the skinny side. My left breast is slightly bigger than my right and the areola on my left breast is also bigger. There is hair around my nipples. I used to have very small A cup breasts that didn't fill a bra but I recently went on birth control and they've grown. Unfortunately this recent growth has caused a bunch of red stretch marks to appear on my left breast.

I've recently come to terms with my breasts and overall I am very happy with them although i'd like the stretch marks to fade just a bit! Thanks so much for the work you do through your site. In college, I sometimes find it difficult to remember that women come in all shapes and sizes and that you don't have to have big breasts to be beautiful. I am so happy that there is a site like this. I developed early, first bra at 12 and was so embarrassed, no-one else had to wear one!

It's only over the last few years have I become a little obsessed with breasts and others peoples and what they look like and do they look like mine. I wish they didn't sag as much but sometimes they look perkier than others. I have a love hate relationship with my breasts! I started developing at 12 and before I knew it I had a C cup.

I thought my boobs were fairly big at a C as my friends all had A or B cups but I really started to freak out when my boobs increased to a D and then to an E. After this increase I got stretch marks under my breasts and a little on top but they don't really bother me. I also have little bumps on my areola. I don't really know what they are but I'm told they're normal. I used to think it would be much better to have small boobs and I thought my big boobs made me look fat but now I love my boobs even though it can be hard to find bras and I get the occasional upper back pain.

I've never had the teasing or constant staring that many women with large boobs complain of. Age - 23 years old. I'm not totally comfortable with my breasts, I wish they were fuller.

My breasts do not vary too much according to my weight. I went from flat to a D over one summer in 8th grade. I have stretch marks and prominent veins. I have also researched reductions, lifts and implants What was I thinking??? I am on good terms with them at the current moment. I'm a 19 year old girl who has never been pregnant. I am tall and thin, but not directly skinny - I do have hips and female curves.

I like the shape of my breasts, but lately they have gotten a little smaller than they used to be. I sometimes wish they were a little bigger, but I'm not concidering implants. I try to be happy with, and proud of my body. Small breasts are beautiful too!

Caucasian of western and northern European stock, 60 years of age, 30 pounds overweight, never married, was never suckled. Hope you can use this! Keep up the liberating work. I do plan want to eventually become pregnant and breast feed for at least a year.

Yet, I have always had a sense that I am infertile. I sincerely think that I have it

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