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Beth Some names have been changed is a social worker based in the USA. Discovery of a simple mechanism for color detection 18 hours ago 0. The Nobel Prize in Chemistry went A study in Biological Psychiatry has established a new analytical method for investigating the complex genetic origins of mental illnesses using brain cells that are grown in a dish from human embryonic stem cells. Arctic sea ice decline driving ocean phytoplankton farther north. internet news portal provides the latest news on science including: Physics, Space Science, Earth Science, Health and Medicine.
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Evidence that catastrophic geological events could have created evolutionary bottlenecks that changed the course of life on Earth may be buried within ancient rocks beneath our feet. Early life forms on Earth may have been able to generate metabolic energy from sunlight using a purple-pigmented molecule called retinal that possibly predates the evolution of chlorophyll and photosynthesis. Comments on the video have included "Thanks, I hate it.

When a young athlete suddenly dies of a heart attack, chances are high that they suffer from familial hypertrophic cardiomyopathy HCM. Itis the most common genetic heart disease in the US and affects an estimated 1 in Working with high-resolution satellite imaging technology, researchers from Brown University and the University of California, Los Angeles have uncovered new clues in an age-old question about why tropical forests are so With bee pollinators in decline and pesky crop pests lowering yields, sustainable and organic farmers need environmentally friendly solutions.

Crohn's disease CD , a chronic inflammatory condition of the intestinal tract, has emerged as a global disease, with rates steadily increasing over the last 50 years. Experts have long suspected that CD likely represents Surgeons could soon eavesdrop on a patient's brain activity during surgery to remove their brain tumour, helping improve the accuracy of the operation and reduce the risk of impairing brain function.

Humans not only relish the sweet, savory and saltiness of foods, but they are influenced by the environment in which they eat. Cornell University food scientists used virtual reality to show how people's perception of real Check out the release highlights to learn more.

Auto giant Volkswagen cleared a new hurdle in its "dieselgate" scandal Tuesday, paying a hefty fine to close a German investigation into subsidiary Audi, but the group is not yet in the clear over its years of emissions cheating. Cuisine can be considered as a set of practices that permeate many aspects of life. A dish may recall someone special. The symbolic value of food may also reside in aromas and seasoning, which immediately bring to mind a A new infrared telescope designed and built by astronomers at ANU and the California Institute of Technology Caltech in the US will be the first of its kind to monitor the entire northern sky in search of new cosmic events.

An EU-funded initiative has developed methods for recovering valuable materials from photovoltaic PV waste such as silicon Si for re-use in the industry. A University of Alberta education researcher who achieved dramatic results with early assessment and intervention to help Grade 1 and 2 students with reading difficulties says there's still a chance to help these students Tübingen biochemists have discovered a natural mechanism of the body that can reduce the formation of dangerous blood clots, also known as thrombosis.

So far, this antiblocking system has mainly been studied in mouse arteries. Conservationists are in a desperate fight to save the last of the world's gorillas. Numbers of some subspecies are so low that organisations are literally saving the species one gorilla at a time. A walking and talking robot appeared in Britain's parliament for the first time on Tuesday, prompting Twitter users to seize the chance to heap more mockery on Theresa May.

It's now possible to check in automatically at Shanghai's Hongqiao airport using facial recognition technology, part of an ambitious rollout of facial recognition systems in China that has raised privacy concerns as Beijing Hundreds of scientists and Mars-exploration enthusiasts will convene in a hotel ballroom just north of Los Angeles later this week to present, discuss and deliberate the future landing site for NASA's next Red Planet rover—Mars Insects could be a game changer in the race to combat food insecurity and achieve zero hunger — the theme of this year's World Food Day.

Artificial intelligence research has a lot to learn from nature. My work links biology with computation every day, but recently the rest of the world was reminded of the connection: The Nobel Prize in Chemistry went The field of plant science is in the process of being profoundly transformed by new imaging and modelling technologies.

These tools are allowing scientists to peer inside the leaf with a clarity and resolution inconceivable The Deciphering Developmental Disorders DDD project aims to provide diagnoses for the families of around 13, children with severe undiagnosed developmental disorders.

Launched eight years ago this month at the Wellcome A multidisciplinary, international group of experts has recommended changing the way clinicians and patients describe cognitive changes experienced in some patients after anesthesia and surgery. The recommendations are being A new study from Helsinki University Hospital, University of Helsinki and the Finnish Cancer Registry shows that survival after glioblastoma has improved since the millennium.

The improvement in survival was, however, modest Beth Some names have been changed is a social worker based in the USA. New Australian autism guidelines, released today, aim to provide a nationally consistent and rigorous standard for how children and adults are assessed and diagnosed with autism, bringing to an end the different processes The issue of drug use and harm is one of the most compelling challenges of the current era.

The so-called "war on drugs," in which the UN has tried to stamp out recreational drug use through attacking drug suppliers and drug Adults in the United States have a limited understanding of the basic duties that nurse practitioners and physician assistants can perform, a new study suggests.

Australians who have higher incomes and greater wealth are more likely to experience better mental health throughout their lives, new research led by the Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre has found. Researchers at Loma Linda University Health found that walnuts can be incorporated into the daily diet of healthy elders without having a negative impact on weight gain or weight management. A Chinese maker of rabies vaccine was fined 9. HealthDay —Overall, vaccine coverage for children aged 19 to 35 months remained high and stable from to ; however, a small, but growing number of children received no vaccinations, according to research published For older adults, it may seem as though the die is already cast regarding their odds of developing dementia, but new research from the University of Pittsburgh has identified a dementia risk factor among older adults that Young men who conform to traditional definitions of manhood are more likely to suffer harm to themselves, and do harm to others, according to a new survey of Australian men aged 18 to According to recent research, endurance exercise training beneficially modifies gut microbiota composition.

After six weeks of training, potentially inflammation causing microbes Proteobacteria decreased and microbes that High crude oil prices could fuel a jump in ticket prices for people flying during the holiday travel season, according to a Purdue aviation professor. Until recently, the existence of 'blue' phosphorus was pure theory. They report that it represents Australia's report card on reducing its greenhouse gas emissions is not exactly glowing, but there are ample opportunities to get it on track during this period of rapid change in the energy sector.

Greater use of renewable The surfaces people interact with every day may seem rather mundane, but at the molecular scale, there is more activity than meets the eye. For chronic pain sufferers, it may be smart to let sleeping dogs lie, a new University of Alberta study suggests. Australians clearly care about animal welfare: A potent combination of hunger, climate change and man-made conflicts are creating a "perfect storm", the head of the UN's food arm warned Tuesday in a call to action on World Food Day.

India's second-largest software services exporter Infosys reported a New houses could soon deliver on a long-awaited promise and incorporate windows or roof tiles that harvest solar energy, research conducted at KAUST suggests. Producing research outputs that have computational novelty and contributions, as well as biological importance and impacts, is a key motivator for computer scientist Xin Gao.

Our level of alertness rises and falls over the course of a workday, sometimes causing our energy to drop and our minds to wander just as we need to perform important tasks.

A new treatment strategy could increase the success rate of stem cell transplants, according to University of Queensland researchers. Three Bay Area high school football teams have been outfitted with mouthguards that measure head motion. Stanford scientists hope to use the data to better understand what causes concussions.

As women age, their ability to get around affects their quality of life. A new study shows that older women's physical functioning declines more rapidly if they develop urinary incontinence, according to public health researchers Squamous cell carcinomas SCCs are aggressive malignancies arising from the squamous epithelium of various organs, such as the esophagus, head and neck, lungs, and skin.

Previous studies have demonstrated that two master A team of researchers has now engineered a virus nanoparticle vaccine against Bacillus anthracis and Yersinia pestis, tier 1 agents that pose serious threats to national security of the United States. If you've ever worked for an impulsive or vengeful boss, these headlines may not seem so far-fetched: A Research and Development group led by Professor Yoshifumi Saijo of Tohoku University and Noriyuki Masuda of Advantest has succeeded in developing in vivo skin imaging technology that can simultaneously generate dual-wavelength When trying to determine how best to deter doping in competitive sports, who better to ask than the athletes themselves?

A first-of-its-kind study in Frontiers in Psychology did precisely that by asking top level German cyclists Recent studies into how human beings think about members of other social groups reveal that biases sometimes operate beyond our conscious control. Called implicit bias, the tendency to be suspicious of people we perceive Physical exercise can reduce the risk factors of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease even in children, according to a new study from the University of Eastern Finland.

In a two-year follow-up of primary school children, Older adults aged 65 and older who self-harm have a higher risk of dying from unnatural causes particularly suicide compared to their peers without a history of self-harm, according to a large observational study of UK How different cells in a multicellular organism acquire their identities remains a fundamental mystery of development.

In the eye, for example, the lens contains two cell types—lens epithelial cells and lens fiber cells—the Substance use disorder is grounds for involuntary commitment in more 37 US states and the District of Columbia, according to a dataset released on LawAtlas. Researchers from Beijing have developed a new technique of external ventricular drain EVD insertion that involves the use of a mixed-reality holographic computer headset.

Wearing this headset, the neurosurgeon can visualize Cesarean-born mice show altered patterns of cell death across the brain, exhibiting greater nerve cell death than vaginally delivered mice in at least one brain area, a finding by Georgia State University researchers that When some dogs hear their owners say "squirrel," they perk up, become agitated. They may even run to a window and look out of it.

But what does the word mean to the dog? Does it mean, "Pay attention, something is happening? Normally, the blood protein fibrin does not enter the brain.

But in several neurological disorders, the blood-brain barrier—which keeps large molecules in the blood from entering the brain—becomes abnormally permeable, In any given year, depression affects more than 6 percent of the adult population in the United States—some 16 million people—but fewer than half receive the treatment they need.

What if an algorithm could scan social Robust environmental monitoring should be used as the world approaches global eradication of polio, say University of Michigan researchers who recently studied the epidemiology of the silent polio outbreak in Rahat, Researchers at The Wistar Institute have characterized the function of neutrophils, a type of white blood cells, during early stages of tumor progression, showing that they migrate from the bone marrow to distant sites and The most common source of a bloodstream infection acquired during a hospital stay is not a nurse's or doctor's dirty hands, or another patient's sneeze or visitor's cough, but the patient's own gut, Stanford University School Walter and Eliza Hall Institute researchers have revealed how immune health is maintained by the exquisite organisation skills of a protein called Pax5.

Find more news articles via sort by date page. Featured Last comments Popular Partners A new approach to infuse spatial notions into robotics systems 23 minutes ago 0. New model suggests cuffless, non-invasive blood pressure monitoring possible using pulse waves 33 minutes ago 0. Study finds evidence of intergenerational transmission of trauma among ex-POWs from the Civil War 52 minutes ago 0. An advanced snake-robot for disaster sites climbs by coiling 4 hours ago 0. A new approach to prepare solution-processable 2-D semiconductors Oct 15, 0.

New interactive scenario explorer for 1. What bees did during the Great American Eclipse. These light-loving bacteria may survive surprisingly deep underground. Nearly 2 million U.

How your brain is like a film editor. High school student generates electricity using biodegradable resources. The economics of climate change and tech innovation win U. Limiting global warming to 1. Belly bacteria can shape mood and behavior. A new ultrafast laser emits pulses of light 30 billion times a second. City size and structure may influence influenza epidemics. How wind power could contribute to a warming climate. Speeding up evolution to create useful proteins wins the chemistry Nobel.

Physicist Leon Lederman, renowned for his subatomic particle work, has died. Lemur study suggests why some fruits smell so fruity. A 90,year-old bone knife hints special tools appeared early in Africa. Hubble may have spotted the first known exomoon. Speeding up the evolution of proteins wins the chemistry Nobel.

Giraffes inherit their spots from their mothers. Dazzling laser feats earn these physicists a Nobel. Groundbreaking ways of manipulating light win trio the physics Nobel. A dead mouse — with the right microbial treatment from beetle parents — becomes a much better nursery than your average carcass. Barley crops around the world will be threatened by drought and heat.

With a drive to understand how things work, these young researchers are making a mark in sustainable energy, medicine, astronomy and technology. Exquisitely sensitive tech makes first direct measurements of the forces of bat wingbeats.

Keeping your DNA private is getting harder. Most dietary supplements tainted with pharmaceutical drugs were marketed for sexual enhancement, weight loss or muscle building.

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