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H&M Metals started as a small sheet metal fabricator. Today, it also manages a supply chain of manufacturing qrqceh.tkon: 9A Columbia Dr, Amherst, , NH.
In recent months they've launched a brand new online store, a homeware collection and the Lanvin collection. And now they've just announced another prioject - they're introducing a mail order catalogue.
H & M Coupon Codes October For 10% Off Top H & M 10% Off coupon codes for you to enjoy 10% Off when you place order online at H & M.
In recent months they've launched a brand new online store, a homeware collection and the Lanvin collection. And now they've just announced another prioject - they're introducing a mail order catalogue.
H & M 25% discount. Take advantage of this chance to get 25% off. 25% discount your order at qrqceh.tk Coupon code: Show Coupon Code.
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H & M Coupon Codes October For 10% Off Top H & M 10% Off coupon codes for you to enjoy 10% Off when you place order online at H & M.

Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more. I moved to the US and can't find out how. We don't have a store in AZ. Just rumors of a store opening in Tempe or Scottsdale, but haven't seen it happen,.

So what is the link, I can't seem to figure out. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? As far as I know, you can't shop them online in the US. I never even knew you could do it in other countries! Is there a way for you to shop from another country's site and get it shipped here?

That's the only thing I can think of. It sucks considering how much I like their clothes and there isn't a store near me. Thats what I'm doing. Unfortunately that includes their online shopping website as well. My closest guess would be to try Ebay for sellers who will ship to you. I think your out of luck. No US shopping as of right now Take a road trip! She promised to check daily and to telephone me the following Sunday.

I have completely lost faith in the company and want you to be aware of the disappointment I feel. I would very much appreciate a reply to this message, to see if you might be able to ensure that no other customer will receive such a shocking level of customer service. He had been contacted by someone from social media in Sweden who had picked up my complaint and asked him to contact me.

I have some negative as well as positive things to report. Firstly I did receive an apology. The first yet, which was very pleasing to here. An email was sent to Hermes asking them for a record of all contact regarding the three order numbers that were relevant to the case.

I found myself asking what the point of this was. Admirable, but again not helpful to my particular complaint. It was made clear to me that if a parcel is damaged and must be returned to the depot, a customer service representative will endeavor to reorder the same item s for the customer, but the customer must pay for the item AGAIN, and wait up to 3 weeks for the original parcel to be returned to the depot before they receive a refund.

This, I believe, is absolutely outrageous. I know that the agents have the power to contact the accounts department directly and request an immediate refund, as this happened to me regarding the leather jacket. It will only be refunded immediately if the customer complains.

Brian told me that the company has a policy to try to resolve an issue at the point of the first call. At this point, it was explained that the supervisors have little more power than the regular agents and that they are there so that if a customer feels that they want to speak to a higher ranked member of staff, they will be pacified by being passed to a supervisor.

I believe this to be totally appalling. Supervisors should have much more power and ability to make decisions and should not be used as a tool to appease irate customers when they wish to speak to someone of a higher status. I will post the response below. I asked more than one shoe repair shop and I got the same answer. I called the store this morning and was told that provided I had the boots and the original receipt there should be no problem, so I was surprised by the reaction I received when I got there.

I saw a young woman at the checkout and she told me that she would have to get the manager. The Manager's attitude was bording on rude and it was obvious that she had "attitude" and was not interested in trying to resolve the problem. Her reply was that they had sold many of these boots and this was the only pair coming back. I tried to reason whith her and also quoted the "Sales of goods Act". So she said she had to consult with another manager and when she came back after about 5 minutes, her attitude was "its your problem, you deal with it".

She then practically threw their card at me and said that if I was not happy I could call their Customer Services and walked off. I was so taken aback and it took me a few minutes to realise that I had just been left standing.

I went over to the assistant I had stopen to earlier and asked her for the Manager's name. She told me that she could not give me her name but I insisted and told her that I was going to make a complaint.

I then called their Customer Services Department, but they were equally unhelpful. The woman I spoke to told me that she would need to hear the Manager's side of the story, which infuriated me and I told her that I would never use their stores again. She agreed that she would call me back with an answer.

When she called about an hour later she basically told me that the Manager's decision stands and there was really nothing she could do and then the line went dead. She never did call back which could confirm that she put the phone down not wanting to hear any further questions. At my duaghter's advise I went to the store near to where I live and had absolutely no problem in getting my money back. The lady at the checkout, took one look at the boots and recognised that there was a fault with the soles and heels and after speaking to her Manager next to her, I was given a refund.

Service with a smile and obviously staff who have the right attitude towards their customers. The letter is asking for me to contact them with my bank details for a refund for a returned item. I am shocked at the level of misinformation, incompetence and laziness I have experienced over the last two weeks.

The amount of time and money I have spent trying to get someone to take action over a missing parcel which was apparently signed for at my address is a joke. Then it turned out that the signed for parcel was never signed for because it was never left with anyone, and that I must stay in again from 8am to 8pm no less.

I cant even be bothered to go into the other crap i've endured previous to that one example. Although i had called the customers care and informed them,they said the delivery man supposedly left my package with a neighbour.

I live in a hostel of about occupants, if you dont get down the room number you will never get the person. They promised to send me the package again but does that mean i have to pay for the first one that got missing??? My daughter is now old enough to wear clothing from HM. We decided to make a day of it, mother and daughter, 12th birthday, hair cut, nail, facial, lunch and our debut at HM.

We found a number of items to try on and headed for the dressing rooms. The rooms were roomy with seating, but as we began to close the door, the attendant forced me out of the room. I don't know how other mothers are, but in this world, I do not let my 12 year old daughter out of my site. There was absolutely no reason for the attendant to forbid me from being in the room with my preteen daughter. Since I was therefore unable to see how she looked in the outfits, we left the items and left the store.

I vow to never return until I hear they have changed this ridiculous policy. When received was not satisfied with the quality as on the website they looked much better. It has been a month since I sent the return, I still do not have the refund.

I will give them 28 days to refund me, if not, will take this matter to the OFT. I went to my local h and m store for a refund on a coat i purchased over a week ago. All was going well. The sales assistant put my refund back on my debit card then asked me to sign a slip.

Then he looked at my debit card and was told i could no longer have a refund has my signature could not be seen properly on the signature strip.

I was asked if i had any other form of id to prove who i was which i replied no. So the sales assistant went to look for a manager which he could not find. Then another sales assistant came and asked what was wrong so he told her. Then i was told again i could not have a refund as it would be classed as fraud and it was customer security. I was then given two options to either come back with some id or i was welcome to leave the shop and go and resign my card then i would be given a refund.

Why tell me i am welcome to leave the shop and sign my card then come straight back in and they would give me a refund. Is this not abit contradictory if you dont think i am entitled to refund the first time why suggest i go and sign it then come back in when there so concerned about customer security and fraud.

No one was concerned when they were taking the money of me with the same card. Once i get my refund i will not be returning which is sad because you have some good lines. As she asked the security to review the surveillance system to find out who stole the money as the place have been almost empty and it is easy to distinguish the one who did so , They told here that the system was faulty since a long time ago.

He had noticed that the stitching had come undone under the armpit. I took the jumper into the store and explained that I didn't have a receipt but that if it was a problem I could get a bank statement. The guy on the till said that the jumper had been worn and obviously washed. I assured him that this was definitely not the case. He was very rude and proceded to get another jumper and said 'I know you're going to say that there is no difference but there is! He proceded to get his manager.

She was nice but obviously stuck up for her staff which is understandable. What really got my back up is when the guy then said that everything I was saying was a lie and that he had only asked if it had been washed and worn!!!

This has got me so angry. Apparently he has worked there for 5 years. He refused to give me and his name and the manager also refused but I will be taking it further. He may have worked there for 5 years but he has obviously lost all of his customer service skills! I am very upset to hear that my package is not going to be with me in till the 6th of December. I was hoping that i could get the boots by next Friday for a event i am tending.

I have no other winter, waterproof shoes so therefor can not go out as much as i would like too. Please can you look into this and try and get them to me as soon as possible. The young lady that was working at the cashier was not very friendly but rude, and also she didn't even care to look at us or day hi, she kept on taking to her co worker instead of talking to us or even acknowledge us! I was very disappointed how we were treated!

If always had a good experience there but today was not one of them!!!

Welcome to H&M. Select your region to enter our site. Appalling customer service. Below is a letter that I have sent to several addresses, including HM online customer services, Edinburgh, H&M customer services, London and H&M Head Office, Sweden. Feb 21,  · I miss shopping at H&M since I moved from Europe to Arizona. Just rumors of a store opening in Tempe or Scottsdale, but haven't seen it happen,. So what is the link, I Status: Resolved.