The 10 Best Websites for Men – Sites and blogs every man needs to know.

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When at 15, my girlfriends started dropping out of their beloved sports teams, because they didn’t want to appear muscle-y, when at 18, my male friends were unable to .
Games, a journal and talk, based on squeaky-clean girls from the books. Coolest Feature: Clubs—There's one for everything from volunteering to cooking, plus a .
The 10 Best Websites and Blogs for Men For each site, I give you a quick breakdown of what the site is all about, the site's highlights and a few of their best articles. Here are the 10 absolute best websites and blogs for men:
Games for your site Our developers are always thinking of new game ideas and we are glad to offer you the best free online games for girls on the web.
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Games, a journal and talk, based on squeaky-clean girls from the books. Coolest Feature: Clubs—There's one for everything from volunteering to cooking, plus a .

MantelligenceDating is one of our YouTube channels. See… because we want to bring you the the most thorough dating advice on a variety of different platforms … We started our own YouTube channel where we spend days researching, editing, and producing high quality videos on the most sought-after dating topics and questions every guy wants to learn more about.

It offers a wide range of projects that can inexpensively make your apartment look great. This post brings you the best articles from across the web and, as the title suggests, may potentially blow your mind. The Art of Manliness wins the side prize for the best website name.

Manliness, as the name declares, is truly an art. Many of the articles leverage advice from the past like how to shave like your grandpa.

Bespoke is a refreshing addition to the monthly subscription box market. With Bespoke Post, your monthly box is based on a different central theme each month. Their articles are practical and always well written. It is a great mix of advice, entertainment and fashion. They shine in the fashion department.

The site helps you look good without ruining your bank account. It was founded in , and in less than a year has developed a strong and dedicated following. They are written in a easy to understand and a very relate-able voice.

Mantelligence, and the Mantelligence app , are designed to give you all the manly intelligence you need. My favorite post is their Friday Inspiration. This weekly post is a list of really high quality photographs designed to inspire your weekend. I highly recommend subscribing to their newsletter to get your weekend started right. The newsletter comes Friday morning. They are written in a very gritty, personal and honest voice. He gives great advice and his writing style is a nice change of pace.

This site is a great mix of beautiful women, inspirational quotes and pictures, and other generally awesome photos for men. If you have a few minutes to kill, this is the place to do it. The Eddie Bauer brand has been around since the turn of the century and has a rich and interesting history.

Their articles are well written, easy to understand and always concise. Out of this growth, a handful of high quality sites have set themselves apart from the pack.

These are our 10 best websites for men. Each one is a great way to kill some time, learn something new or up your style game. Kyle Boureston is the founder of www. Knowing cute ways to say I love you is a great way to keep your relationship happy and healthy. If you know a special young lady who has a creative flair, she may enjoy perusing sites related to fashion, beauty, fitness and health.

You may be wondering what an 8-year-old could want to know about fashion, but what if she is the next Coco Chanel? Talking to your little girls about how beauty starts from the inside can keep a balanced perspective, but also take some time to explore sites that can inspire your daughter to live a healthy lifestyle, early.

Here are some sites that might help: There is more discussion of boys, style and beauty, so they may not be entirely appropriate, but you may find some interesting articles you can print off and share together. Fun Websites for Girls Besides school and fashion, other sites exist to excite the imagination of your youngster. Talk about an exciting site: Not only are many of the questions that the site poses thought-provoking, but they will get your girls thinking outside the box early.

While the above sites are generally considered safe and appropriate for young girls to explore and enjoy, it is still recommended that parents keep a watchful eye on youngsters while they surf, play and learn.

These nine websites for girls are a great place to start, and you will likely get more ideas as you go. One line of caution: Be wary of sites targeting children for advertising purposes.

Good luck exploring the online cyber world with your girls. Who knows, it may even inspire your inner child to get out and play awhile! What Is Your Parenting Style? Whether you are a new or seasoned parent, your parenting style is probably based upon those of your parents, with a tendency to lean more toward one than the other. Do you actively seek out parenting advice or are you annoyed when others have the audacity to offer it to you?

Take this parenting style quiz to determine whether your style is permissive or authoritative when it comes to handling the children. Sign up for our Healthy Living Newsletter! Thanks for signing up for our newsletter! You should see it in your inbox very soon. Please enter a valid email address Subscribe We respect your privacy.

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Find websites for girls ages Learn how educational, fashion and fun websites for girls can help empower your princess. The latest family topics from Best Web Sites for Tween Girls interactive top ten list at TheTopTens®. Vote, add to, or comment on the Best Web Sites for Tween Girls. Fun Websites for Girls Does your daughter need ideas for fun websites to visit? Tween girls will love these sites, whether they're into design, blogging, or making music.